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It’s the caption that got me. By @gentlemenhood “See the thing is, when I used to get mad I used to run away from you.
Angry at you.
Wanting to be separated from you.
I couldn’t understand why
Love isn’t supposed to be like this
I watched older couples tell stories about how much they’ve endured together
Yet I couldn’t endure a minor argument with you.
Which isn’t 5% of what they’ve been through.
Until you left me
I began to realize the problem was within me
Consumed with hurt and resentment the anger was deep within me
I had to find someone to blame and you were it.
It wouldn’t be right for me to blame me
Wouldn’t feel right to blame the person in the mirror because we all hate seeing our flaws.

Now that I’m understanding what love is and I’m being humbled and introduced to peace I know how to handle it now.
When you’re yelling at me, I will kiss you
When you’re wrong as long it’s not a very serious matter, I will quickly admit that I was wrong
When you want to fight me off you I will hug you until I feel your shoulders drop and the pressure come off
I will not run away from you during hard times but grab you, put you between my arms and ride this roller coaster together.
I will love you through it all, never will anger stand a chance when it whispers leave her to me. Instead I will ask him to leave.
Love shouldn’t be moved by our moods.
Love isn’t a feeling, if we treat it as if it is things will go bad when nothing feels good.” via @PhotoRepost_app

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